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At the shoot he claims to remember YOU’s commissioning editor Amy, who met him on set two years ago. The tickets aren’t available yet, but hold on, because one day they will be…’ says Harry.One Direction’s documentary This Is Us hits theaters this Friday and the 3D concert/homecoming film gives VIP access to all their loyal fans — but which of the lads is most likely to date one of those Directioners? Find out more 1D secrets during our interview as we get even more behind-the-scenes insight from Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and newly engaged Zayn Malik!What distinguishes One Direction (aka 1D) from the boy bands of previous generations – apart, perhaps, from Take That (who actually never broke America, but whose longevity 1D dream of emulating) – is the fact that they do not have the usual limited fanbase of fickle prepubescent girls.Grown women in their 20s, 30s and 40s will blushingly admit to a crush on one or other of the five (usually Harry Styles, who has a reputation for liking ‘cougars’ following his well-publicised affair with TV presenter Caroline Flack when he was 17 and she 32).Nor have they estranged boys – my own 20-year-old son and his university mates might not buy 1D albums, but they nonetheless like and relate to the band, and have even provided me with a list of questions to ask them.One Direction’s popularity is such that between them they have, at the last count, a combined Twitter following of around 32 million and are so dominant on the internet that when I Googled Louis his name came up first – ahead of Louis Vuitton – while Harry Styles may have taken second place to Harry Potter, but was ahead of Harry Windsor.Along with a number of more age-appropriate females ranging from Pixie Geldof, 22, to model Cara Delevingne, 20, Harry has recently been linked with Natalie Imbruglia, 37, and allegedly commented that Carol Vorderman, 51, ‘is the ultimate cougar’. ‘Well,’ Harry responds just a little nervously, ‘I used to say the age limit was any woman older than my mum – who is 43 – but…’ ‘I guess I go out in London,’ explains Harry. Niall doesn’t ‘feel ready for a girlfriend yet’, but Louis has been going out with Manchester University politics student Eleanor Calder, 20, for a year and insists that he has no problem rejecting predatory fans. A bit tough…Danielle and I have broken up,’ he says, prompting Louis to comment, somewhat enigmatically, ‘To be continued…’If their relationships with girlfriends come and go over the next few years, their brotherhood, they insist, will go on for ever.

‘We measured it once and it was eight inches.’ The next question I must ask Harry, of course, regards the ladies. Flirting, he says, has always been ‘second nature’ for him – but he won’t reveal if there is anyone – out of 7,000 or 492,000 – who is ‘special’.

It’s undeniable that 1D do work harder than most students, but although they might appear to live gilded lives, they remain endearingly unspoilt and typical of their generation – as the responses to my student son’s questions reveal. (sneaking someone’s mobile and posting a false, often funny or mildly obscene message on Facebook or Twitter). We make a joke about it – we’ll say, “Zayn, quick, look, there’s a mirror over there you’ve missed.”’For all the banter and apparent rivalry they have never had a falling out (although Liam suggests they have one during this interview ‘just so we can say that we have’).

‘We used to frape all the time but we have to be more careful now,’ says Zayn. Once I shaved off Louis’s eyebrows and then Louis shaved off Liam’s and then Harry shaved his initials into the hairs on my leg while I was asleep.’ The questions reveal that Liam is the most competitive, that Louis is the band ‘slob’ and Zayn is the most organised. They laugh when asked if they ever eat Pot Noodles for breakfast and if they all get their five a day. ‘That’s probably going to be me,’ Zayn says nervously. Zayn believes that one of the reasons they have bonded so strongly is that four out of the five of them are ‘the only boys in our family – apart from Niall whose brother is seven years older than him anyway’.

Whenever I ring any of my mates at uni – around two in the afternoon because they never wake up before then – and ask what they are doing they usually say “just hanging in halls playing Fifa”.’’), but they are anxious to stress that there is little time for anything but grafting.

‘I think of it like this: there are a lot of people who get paid a lot for doing not much at all – you know, like socialites who get paid for appearing in reality shows or people who earn like a million pounds a day working a couple of hours buying and selling shares – but what we earn we earn for doing an awful lot. Although both Louis, from Doncaster, and Zayn, from Bradford, had ambitions to become teachers, forming One Direction two years ago ruled out further education.

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