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After he dies, Anspaugh feels much gratitude and remorse towards Jeanie, given her prior termination.Carter pretends to be of humble origins in order to impress Anna, which fails when she finds out he actually comes from a wealthy family.Despite this, the two still become good friends, and she helps Carter help his cousin Chase detoxify from a heroin addiction.She had experience in the subject, considering her ex-boyfriend went through a similar experience.The series was a win in all forms, with the acting, writing, dialogue and overall believability holding us captivated with each episode that aired (yes, even the finale).With that in mind, let's take a look at where the cast of ' The Sopranos' is today.

Weaver attends a Synergix seminar to see how to better manage the ER.

In addition, Hathaway is able to open a free clinic in the ER with the help of Carter's grandmother.

Ross vies for a pediatric attending position in the ER.

She begins to date a Synergix representative, Ellis West, who advises her to fire a physician's assistant, which happens to be Jeanie Boulet.

Jeanie fights for her job, claiming that she was fired because of her HIV status.

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Season four opens with the live episode "Ambush", performed twice (once for the East coast, once for the West coast). Morgenstern, head of the ER, has a heart attack, threatening his life.

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