Essence magazine on interracial dating

Listen girls: You can ignore the 70% single black woman rate, throw your dice, and hope a brotha finds you.

Or, you can lift your horizons, deepen the dating pool, and increase your chances of meeting a knight who might happen to wear white armor.

Like most sistas, I’d always dreamed of falling in love with a handsome, brown king who I’d make a little black baby with – one with crazy kinky hair that a suburban bred sista like me can’t cornrow After my troubled experiences with white guys, I could hear the subconscious scream of “This is a white family” echoing in my ear. Even though, at the time, white men had treated me better than any brotha I’d ever dated.

Even though I still perked up and tried to indiscreetly stare at a tanned, Caucasian cutey in a Brooks Brothers business suit.

They can all raise their right hands high, and sway side to side, with a smiling glow that comes after a night of passionate, “hallelujah” screaming, holy-ghost making sex that comes from a night spent making love to a sista.

You’ll have not only won our souls, but also the respect that we sparingly dole out to men. They were delicate with their words, understanding with a tender ear to listen, and honest in a willingness to talk.How the African American Marriage Decline Affects Everyone“Wisely written . Young, Ph D, psychologist and blogger for Psychology Today“A welcome, heart-felt primer on what African-American women can and should do better prepare themselves for the challenges, frustrations as well as the possibilities and hopes in the turbulent world of relationships. a must-read.” --Brian Lowry, Variety Chief Television Critic“This surprising and oh-so-timely book should be considered essential reading for any woman who feels rudderless when it comes to finding a soul mate . I only hope she starts on a book for black men next! Petersburg Times“A breath of fresh air.” --Cherilyn “CW” Smith, popular blogger and author of Black Women Deserve Better “Couldn’t come at a better time." --Lecia J.It's a book whose time has more than come.” --Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Nationally syndicated columnist, author and social commentator“Janice Rhoshalle Littlejohn and Christelyn D. Brooks Director, Civil Rights Memorial Center, Southern Poverty Law Center"This book is critically important in our time to help foster a more open dialogue about interracial dating & marriages. Nelson, award winning Author & columnist for NBC's the & Essence Magazine Christelyn D.My comments, and subsequent firing, became a hot topic on radio shows (Howard Stern and Wendy Williams showed support), TV shows (like ) and in newsrooms nationwide. And I was relieved that he had me back on his show, several times, to redeem myself by speaking on other topics.The drama immediately got me booked as a guest on The Fox News Channel, where Sean Hannity intellectually embarrassed me in front of the world. I was blessed that Hot 97 hired me less than a week after I was let go.

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