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HBO has come out and confirmed that she will be taking on the role.Bezzerides' "uncompromising ethics put her at odds with others and the system she serves".Variety reporter Cynthia Lyttleton tweeted a photograph of Matthew Mc Conaughey, True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto and season two star Vince Vaughn deep in conversation at the Golden Globes afterparty.According to her update, ithe huddle was "still going strong" after nearly an hour. Clearly, the True Detective in all of this is the internet, which correctly guessed that Rachel Mc Adams would be playing tough female detective Ani Bezzerides back in September.Colin Farrell and Rachel Mc Adams, who will be taking leading roles in this season, were also present, alongside several adult film stars.

The plot centres around Ben Caspar, a corrupt manager of a fictional Californian city who is found on a lonely stretch of Pacific Coast highway with satanic symbols etched on his chest.His murder arrives in the midst of an important transportation deal that would solve the state's gridlock problem.Three detectives from different cities are brought in to investigate his death, and discover something far darker about the state in the process.To find out more and catch up on plot news for the next season read the story in full here.Nic Pizzolatto, Matthew Mc Conaughey and Vince Vaughn caught up at Golden Globes This rather dark image conjures up exciting questions about True Detective's second season.

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