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Boegart notes that these are just a handful of users of millions of Twoo users; however, he adds that they have noticed the complaints and “had already decided to add an additional confirmation step to avoid any unintended actions.” He says the additional step should be live in the next 24 hours.While I’d like to believe that this was a simple miscommunication between developer and user (Boegart describes it as “just not clear enough for some users”), it would be very easy for a social network to grow this way until users complain and then change it.Commenters have noted that Momo might have hit a ceiling in live streaming user numbers which is why it is turning to new tactics.In the past, the company’s gamble to turn Momo from a dating platform into a social and live streaming platform has paid off.The company also registered around RMB1 billion (US5 million) in revenues and around RMB100 million (US million) in net profits in 2016.

Another peer was founded in 2005 and last raised RMB1.5 billion from a number of Chinese companies and investment firms in 2015.Users are complaining that Twoo, a social networking service, is sending unwanted messages to their contacts.Co-founder and CEO Lorenz Bogaert counters that this is a misunderstanding and the company is working to fix it.At the worst, it is purposefully complex in order to message unsuspecting users’ contacts to increase its membership. After success in live streaming followed by an impressive user growth and steady profits during nine consecutive quarters, China’s biggest location-based social network Momo has set out to find the next big thing in China’s social trends.

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